420 Watt 6"x9" Full Range Speaker

Full Range Speakers XP-694K
Configuration 6"x9" 4-way
Frequency Response 45-20kHz
System Impedance 3 ohm
MAX Power Handling 420w
RMS Power Handling 210w
System Efficiency 90 dB
Midbass Voice Coil 1" Aluminum
Midbass Magnet 20 oz.
Midbass Cone Material Polypropylene
Grill Included
Tweeter Size/Type 1", .75" & .5"
Silk Dome
Top Mount Depth 3.125"
Bottom Mount Depth 3.50"
Cutout Dimension 5.875" x 8.625"

Silk Dome Tweeter
Woven silk dome tweeters provide crisp and clear highs for the XP speakers. Select models offer an extra midrange or additional super tweeters.
3 Ohm Impedance
Get more power from a 4 channel amplifier or head unit with a 3 ohm system impedance of the XP full range speakers.
Polypropylene Cone
The XP speaker cones are coated in a fine texture for superb sound quality. Polypropylene is less susceptive to moisture damage, so don't sweat it if rain water gets in your door.

Additional Features

  • Black Texture Coat Stamped Steel Frame
  • Chrome Back Plate
  • Poly Propylene Injection Cone
  • Butyl Rubber Surround
  • 3-Ohm Impedance
  • 1" Silk Midrange (694K)
  • .75" Silk Tweeter
  • .5" Silk Super Tweeter (694K, 653K & 573K)