700 Watt 13" Subwoofer

Power Acoustik THIN-13
Fs 24.07
Qms 6.415
Vas 2.096
Xmax mm 6
Xmech mm 9
Qes 0.701
Re 3.6
Znom SVC 4
BL 14.59
Power (Watts) 375
Qts 0.632
SPL 83.58
V.C. Size (in.) 2.0
V.C. Imp SVC4
Cut-out 11.375
Depth 2
Recommended Enclosures  
Sealed 0.75
F3 Hz 35.84
Ported 1.50
Port 3x12
Tune Freq. (Hz) 31.54
F3 Hz 28.24

Many vehicles do not have tons of space available for a big, bulky enclosure. Some vehicle, like some crew-cab trucks, have no space for a subwoofer. Until now... The THIN-13 is now the shallowest woofer on the market! Coming in at a mere 2" of depth, they will fit behind rear crew-cab truck seats, under many front seats, or even in a friggin' door with some custom fabrication! While other "shallow mount" subwoofers are available, they typically require traditional airspace. The THIN-13 is 13.25" in diameter and not only does it play in enclosures as small as .5 cubic foot well (typical for most 8"-10" woofers), but it reproduces lower frequency response than most 12" woofers in much larger enclosures. No more whining about not having a subwoofer available that will fit in virtually every vehicle! THIN-13 has you covered...

2" Mounting Depth!
An inverted motor assembly inside a proprietary cast aluminum basket creates a truly shallow mount subwoofer. Other brands offering a slim subwoofer prove how shallow they really are. THIN-13 is a perfect fit behind standard cab truck seats, or under bench seats.
Tight Bass in No Space
For the best quality sound, THIN-13 plays well in sealed enclosures with a total net volume as small as .6ft³. For a little more bump, try THIN-13 in a ported enclosure of 1.75ft³ with a 4" round port that is 12.5" long... THIN-13 will not disappoint.
Preloaded Enclosure Available
Can't find a pre-loaded enclosure small enough to fit behind the truck seat or under the bench? Power Acoustik offers THIN-13 in a compact pre-loaded enclosure built for either of these applications. Check out THIN-13BX.

Additional Features

  • 700w MAX Power Handling
  • 2" Mounting Depth
  • Single 4-Ohm 2" Voice Coil
  • Proprietary Cast Aluminum Basket
  • Polypropylene Cone
  • 12 ga. Direct Wire Terminal
  • Semi-Circular Basket Venting
  • 1.25ft³ Optimum sealed Enclosure
  • 83.5dB Efficiency
  • 1.25ft³ Optimum Sealed Enclosure