MOFO Subwoofers

The legendary MOFOs expand for 2011 with the addition of dual 4-ohm models. MOFO X motors are refined and increase efficiency dramatically! MOFO-X subs use a composite sandwich cone with a polypropylene surface for durability and Spruce pulp backing for smooth low bass. Like the original MOFOs, the new models still use an aluminum dustcap that couples to the voice coil former and extends over the cone. Why? The fins brace the cone and eliminate cone flex during high excursion. And since they are aluminum and couple to the dust cap and coil former, they act as a heatsink or heat extractor. Using the latest materials, the new MOFO subs yield superior performance. Cast aluminum baskets? Of course! Increased bottom octave output? You Bet! Louder than the original design? Duh!!

Model # Max Power RMS Power Efficiency
(1w/1m dB)
Voice Coil Configuration Mounting Depth Optimum Sealed ft³ Optimum Ported
MOFO-122X 2,700 1,500 85.37 2.5" Dual 2Ω 6.875" 1.00 2.00
MOFO-124X 2,700 1,500 85.40 2.5" Dual 4Ω 6.875" 1.00 2.00
MOFO-152X 3,000 1,700 86.90 2.5" Dual 2Ω 8.125" 2.00 4.00
MOFO-154X 3,000 1,700 86.97 2.5" Dual 4Ω 8.125" 2.00 4.00